The Old Ways of Marketing Are Done!

Why most entrepreneurs and companies are wasting time and money.

I'd like to share an idea with you today because I believe a lot of people and organizations are wasting a ton of time and money doing things the wrong way.

The idea Is where we (as consumers) spend our attention. There is a major disconnect between where entrepreneurs and companies spend their money and resources, and where consumers ACTUALLY spend their attention.

Where do you spend your attention?

Where do you spend your attention?

Attention is a currency that needs to be understood by marketers. This is essential to delivering real value to your clients and the marketplace.
— Mike Nahan

Look in the mirror, look at how you spend your own attention! You’re a perfect exemplar of how an average consumer spends their attention! In the year 2017, we need constant stimulation. Whether you’re watching The Walking Dead or the local news, when there’s a break in that program, you reach for what?.. Your smartphone, tablet, or even your laptop. You’re checking your feed on Facebook, tweeting, scrolling through Instagram or Snapchat, or looking up the profile of a new connection on Linkedin. That’s where businesses need to be, the places where prospective customers are spending their attention.

It’s time for entrepreneurs and companies, that work hard, hustle, and add value, to start investing in attention rather than throwing money at agencies that just want to win the award for the most creative commercial or print advertisement.

Are you seeing your target audience clearly?

Are you seeing your target audience clearly?

Look at how you spend your attention and explore the opportunities that exist in that space.

To bring this all home, it's important to realize that traditional forms of marketing and advertising aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Further, for some industries and niches, they are completely appropriate and effective. However, to continue down that path, and ignore the signs that the marketplace is shifting (has shifted), would be foolish.

Print, television, radio etc. all have their place and as marketers, we need to ask ourselves "who is the target audience, and can we produce high-quality content, pushed on the channels relevant to that audience, at the time when they are looking for what our clients have to offer?"

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Mike Nahan

Co-Founder - True MAS Media